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CS50x Austria programme

CS50x Austria programme was put on hold

We are currently working on a new offer and will inform you asap

We help you start a new professional future in the field of IT

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Do you want to learn the fundamentals of programming and are looking for a community and support to get started?

Have you tried to learn coding with free online resources before but found it hard to complete it by yourself and put it aside? Maybe all you needed was a little push, or someone to explain just a few concepts while you were stuck.

We provide a new way of learning the fundamental concepts  of programming with all the necessary ingredients around the course for you to successfully complete it: pre-recorded videos with valuable content, community, experienced developers, space and fun. Learning the fundamental concepts of programming will empower you with higher potential in your career.

We believe knowing the fundamental concepts of programming will be a necessity in the future and we know from our own experience that the efficient way to learn them is through community power.

CS50x Austria will equip you with the right tools to take the next step in your career and will open up new possibilities for you.

Location: online + Vienna

Duration: 17 weeks

Next cohort: x

Application Deadline: x

Language: English

Level: for beginners

Price: 2.999€ excl. VAT*



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*funding options available

*funding options available


</To design efficient algorithms and solve problems based on the CS50 course curriculum>

</Concepts like abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development>

</A number of languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML>

</To engage with a vibrant community of like-minded learners from all levels of experience>

</To develop and present a final programming project>

</See here what you can can do after completing this course>

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Harvard University Professor David J. Malan is the instructor for CS50 (computer science), the largest course at Harvard University and the largest MOOC (massive online open course) on edX.  This online course with pre-recorded sessions is the core of the CS50x Austria program.

Experienced developers will be available for you throughout the CS50x Austria course. Besides the possibility to ask questions online throughout the day, the weekly schedule provides Q&A sessions where you can directly ask content-specific questions.

A learning coach will guide you through the course, provide a structured way of learning, will hold you accountable and oversee your successful completion of the course.  The learning coach acts as a facilitator between the mentors and the participants and is mostly available online.


alexander von franque
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</Support in successfully completing the introductory computer science online course led by Harvard University professor David J. Malan>

</To learn the fundamentals of programming using Scratch, C, Python, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL>

</Technical support from an experienced developer>

</Counseling on programming career pathways and next steps>

</Instructor, mentor and a learning coach guiding you consistently through the course>

</Community of like-minded people working towards the common goal of learning programming>

</Innovative learning model and hands-on experience>

</Coworking space in Vienna accessible 2x per week>

</Course certificate><

The community is the heart of our program

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cohort 2021/22

I came into the program needing help with C for University and I left the program with a much better understanding of more languages. I was not initially expecting to have interest in these. There were some real steep challenges that would've not been able to be solved without the mentors. Overall, I would recommend.

Alyssa C. Auvinen
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cohort 2021/22

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It is a good course overall but made me sweat sometimes. Might be advanced for beginners. Maybe good to have a light knowledge about programming before starting the course.

Mercédesz A. Fehér
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Testimonials from our participants

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You will fill out the online application form and upload your supporting documents.

After submitting your online application form, we will invite you to a personal interview via Google Meets.

After your interview, your application will be reviewed and you will receive our final decision within 2 weeks.

Online Application
Online Interview

After you have been admitted to the CS50x everyone codes program, you can start learning in a community with expert support.

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Who is this program for?

How long does it take to complete the programme?

What is my benefit?

Why you should not apply for this program?

This program is not meant for people who are capable of learning new things solely on their own and do not need any support on the way. If you are familiar with the fundamental concepts of programming, you might not be satisfied with the course content and the program, because the learning curve will not be that steep and you can invest your time in improving your existing knowledge about programming.

This program is for everyone who is willing to learn fundamental concepts of programming and do not know where and how to start. If you have tried learning  programming from some free online resources, but got lost on the way or needed a little support, this program might be just the right choice for you.
Here are some eligibility criteria: fluent in English, logical thinking and basic knowledge in mathematical thinking. Availability at least 20 hrs per week for 15 weeks. Very high motivation and drive. Willingness to learn and strong perseverance. Be a team player and communicator. Basic computer skills (browsing, document editing, etc…). Formal requirements - none. Coding experience - none.

The program is designed to be full-time but the precise timetable will depend on your skill-level, your learning group and is flexible except for a few mandatory sessions. It is advised to invest at least 20hrs/week.

Q&As with experienced developer. A learning coach who facilitates your learning experience, proposes and maintains a schedule and tracks your progress and holds you accountable. Community: a learning group which creates your immediate support and team. Physical space to meet with your learning group. Alumni events and membership in everyone codes’ alumni community. Partnerships, network (of EC) . An everyone codes certificate of completion of CS50x.

contact us at: office@everyonecodes.io

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