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Become a Junior UX Designer in just 5 months!Starting in spring 2023.

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About this course

In just 5 months you will be taken from having no previous experience in the field to being a highly in-demand Junior UX Designer. Alongside learning advanced UX-design skills, you will also start to build and expand your project portfolio. The programme combines the most up-to-date practices with innovative learning methods, invaluable know-how, teamwork and soft-skills workshops to help you become a well rounded UX Designer, equipped with all the necessary tools to find employment as a Junior UX Designer.

Why learn UX design now?

User experience design (UX) is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing professions. With companies launching new products and services every single day, there is a huge demand for UX Designers who have a deep understanding of the customer-product interaction and help make the products usable, enjoyable, and accessible. Their work is crucial for any modern product seeking success on the market.

In this course, you will ...

  • ... develop your own UX-design portfolio with multiple personal and group projects ready to share with potential employers.
  • ... gain solid theoretical knowledge and acquire the most in-demand competencies in the field of UX.
  • ... work in a project-based learning environment and regularly present your portfolio projects in front of an audience.
  • ... learn to work with industry-standard tools such as Figma or Adobe XD.
  • ... build your online presence in UX-design communities in Austria and around the world.
  • ... improve and practice your soft and job application skills necessary for UX Designers.
  • ... receive a certificate as evidence of your hard work, upon successful completion of the programme.

What we offer

A memorable learning experience

Assistance in job placements

A comprehensive pool of online resources

An alumni programme, intercultural community and regular community events

Workshops and guidance by seasoned UX Designers and professionals

What our alumni say

A portrait of Birgit Langer, a middle aged white woman with
 tucked-up brown hair and a light blue shirt, smiling towards the 

Anna Großalber

UX Designer @ zeb.applied

"A year ago, I was certain that I wanted to make a career change. So when I heard about the UX design course at everyone codes, I immediately applied. It was an intense course, but I learned so much! After every week, I felt like I've achieved the impossible. The course definitely prepared me well for the job, as I found a position as a UX designer just shortly after graduation. Don't hesitate and apply!"

A portrait of Mohammad Sawas, a middle aged white man with 
long black hair, a beard and a red shirt, smiling towards the camera.

Leo Lehner


"To my great surprise, we worked with real companies and agencies during the course and received regular feedback from experts in the industry. Today, I work as a UX designer and use the knowledge I gained at everyone codes almost every day. I even made a lot of new friends along the way. The community they created is just awesome and I always enjoy coming back to the regular community events."

A portrait of Nisreen Alam Aldeen, a middle aged white 
woman with shoulder-long black hair and a beige shirt, smiling towards 
the camera.

Elisabeth Mautner-Hofmann

UX Designer @ Kapeeto

"I had some previous experience in IT, so the UX design course was the next logical step for me. We worked in teams on multiple exciting projects, while also learning about soft skills and human interaction. The whole group really grew together in the end, and I’m sad that the course is over now. But I'm also glad that I was able to start an internship in UX design right after the course ended!"

Starting in spring 2023

Hard facts

  • Start: Spring 2023
  • Length: 5 months
  • Course hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    • On average, three days per week are in-person at the premises
    • Please note that conditions concerning in-person/online may change
  • Language: German/English
    • The course is held in German, but some learning materials, sessions and presentations are in English
  • Location: 19th district of Vienna, Austria

Eligibility criteria

  • Have a valid working permit in Austria
  • Need to be registered as unemployed at AMS Wien
  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start of the programme
  • Have at least intermediate English and German skills
  • Be highly motivated and open to learning in a unique learning environment
  • Be available for 40h/week for the duration of the programme
  • Be ready to start working as a Junior UX Designer right after the course ends
  • Get through the application process for the programme

Application process

The multi-stage application will include, among other details, the following:

  • Mandatory info-webinar
  • Online aptitude tests
  • Reading comprehension assignment
  • Assessment center


Stefan Bauer


Petra Bilikova

Project Manager

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