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Become a Junior UX Designer in just 5 months!Starting in spring 2023.

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About this course

In just 5 months you will be taken from having no previous experience in the field to being a highly in-demand Junior UX Designer. Alongside learning advanced UX-design skills, you will also start to build and expand your project portfolio. The programme combines the most up-to-date practices with innovative learning methods, invaluable know-how, teamwork and soft-skills workshops to help you become a well rounded UX Designer, equipped with all the necessary tools to find employment as a Junior UX Designer.

Why learn UX design now?

User experience design (UX) is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing professions. With companies launching new products and services every single day, there is a huge demand for UX Designers who have a deep understanding of the customer-product interaction and help make the products usable, enjoyable, and accessible. Their work is crucial for any modern product seeking success on the market.

In this course, you will ...

  • ... develop your own UX-design portfolio with multiple personal and group projects ready to share with potential employers.
  • ... gain solid theoretical knowledge and acquire the most in-demand competencies in the field of UX.
  • ... work in a project-based learning environment and regularly present your portfolio projects in front of an audience.
  • ... learn to work with industry-standard tools such as Figma or Adobe XD.
  • ... build your online presence in UX-design communities in Austria and around the world.
  • ... improve and practice your soft and job application skills necessary for UX Designers.
  • ... receive a certificate as evidence of your hard work, upon successful completion of the programme.

What we offer

A memorable learning experience

Assistance in job placements

A comprehensive pool of online resources

An alumni programme, intercultural community and regular community events

Workshops and guidance by seasoned UX Designers and professionals

Starting in spring 2023

Hard facts

  • Start: Spring 2023
  • Length: 5 months
  • Course hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    • On average, three days per week are in-person at the premises
    • Please note that conditions concerning in-person/online may change
  • Location: 19th district of Vienna, Austria

Eligibility criteria

  • Have a valid working permit in Austria
  • Need to be registered as unemployed at AMS Wien
  • Be at least 18 years of age by the start of the programme
  • Have at least intermediate English and German skills
  • Be highly motivated and open to learning in a unique learning environment
  • Be available for 40h/week for the duration of the programme
  • Be ready to start working as a Junior UX Designer right after the course ends
  • Get through the application process for the programme

Application process

The multi-stage application will include, among other details, the following:

  • Mandatory info-webinar
  • Online aptitude tests
  • Reading comprehension assignment
  • Assessment center


Stefan Bauer


Petra Bilikova

Project Manager

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