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Our Mission

We are an academy for everyone.

Regardless of a person's "social status", where they come from or what they identify as, we believe that people can learn anything with the right mindset. That's why we've made it our mission to create a safe learning environment and open up the world of IT to people of all ages, genders and backgrounds. And with the help of our experienced mentors, we will equip you with all the necessary hard and soft skills to jumpstart your professional career in the IT industry.

IT starts here.

Our Programmes

Using innovative learning methods, our programmes are designed to teach you the most up-to-date practices, invaluable knowledge, teamwork and soft skills from day one. That way, we prepare you in the best possible way for the professional challenges of your future.

It's not just what tech talents need - it's exactly what IT companies are looking for.

Java Basic

This 6-month programme in Vienna will teach the basics of programming in Java and also give you an introduction to using version control systems like Git and working with Intellij IDEA.

No previous knowledge required.

Starting in autumn 2023

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Java Advanced

This 6-months programme in Vienna will help you deepen your knowledge of Java and learn advanced topics such as back-end development using the Spring framework, working with Databases, and setting up Docker containers.

Basic knowledge of Java required.

Starting in 2024

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Software Development

This 10-months programme in Wiener Neustadt will teach you everything you'll need to know to start your career as a Junior Software Developer, from the basics of Java to back-end development with the Spring framework.

No previous knowledge required.

Starting in spring 2023

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UX Design

This 5-months programme in Vienna will teach you everything you'll need to know to start your career as a Junior UX Designer, from the basics of designing user interfaces to creating your own website prototypes with Adobe XD and Figma.

No previous knowledge required.

Starting in spring 2023

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"IT, ist das was für mich?"

Ein Berufsorientierungskurs rund um IT für Frauen zwischen 16 und 25 Jahren. Falls du dir nicht sicher bist ob IT etwas für dich ist, geben wir dir in diesem 7-Wochen langen Kurs einen umfangreichen Einblick in die Welt der Informatik.

Startet im Frühjahr 2023

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Where our alumni work

What our alumni say

A portrait of Birgit Langer, a middle aged white woman with tucked-up brown hair and a light blue shirt, smiling towards the camera.

Birgit Langer

Software Developer @ ENIO

“As I had to stop my personal training business due to the pandemic, I decided to start a new career in software development. Thanks to my supportive mentors and the community, I did not only learn a programming language well but also how to think like a programmer. I found a job right after the programme. It was challenging but definitely worth it!“

A portrait of Mohammad Sawas, a middle aged white man with long black hair, a beard and a red shirt, smiling towards the camera.

Mohammad Sawas

Software Developer @ Timeless Soft

“Being a participant in this programme was a turning point in my life. I had previously studied sociology and started the programme with literally no coding skills. Today I work as a software developer on a digital transformation project in the insurance sector. I’m glad I decided to partake in this programme. Do not hesitate and apply!“

A portrait of Nisreen Alam Aldeen, a middle aged white woman with shoulder-long black hair and a beige shirt, smiling towards the camera.

Nisreen Alam Aldeen

Internal Apps & Frameworks Developer @ ISIS Papyrus Software

“The intensity of the programme was really high. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning but it turned out to be great! I learned so much about technology and programming concepts. I also sharpened my soft skills such as communication and teamwork. The team really puts a lot of effort into supporting you, both during and after the programme. I can only recommend it!“

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Our Team

Stefan Steinberger

Founder & CEO

Edina Hadziahmetovic

Business & Operations Manager

Werner Ulreich

Organisational Development & Project Manager Wr. Neustadt

Alexander von Franqué

CTO & Software Development Mentor

Alexandra Onișor

Software Development Mentor

Stefan Bauer

UX Design Mentor

Claus Aichinger

"IT, ist das was für mich?" Mentor

Alexandra Pediačová

Project Manager Vienna

Katharina Jank

Placement Manager

Giulia Mozzato

Project Manager Vienna & Communications

Yasaman Majidi

Project Manager Vienna

Angelina Djordjevic

Project Manager Vienna

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