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What we do

Through our various programmes, we train the next generation of UX Designers and Junior Software Developers. But unlike other coding schools, which tend to stick to textbook exercises and impersonal lectures, we offer individual coaching with exercises created by our own mentors. A key element of all our programmes is community, since we have found that learning and facing challenges together has an impact on the quality and speed of personal growth. The same applies to training in a realistic environment, which is why in our advanced programmes we simulate realistic projects on which participants work independently with their team under our supervision and guidance.
To further enhance our educational experience, we invite you to work with us and influence the future of IT.

Some of the companies we worked with:

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How we can collaborate

Expert talk & Workshop

Share your knowledge with our participants. Whether you want to talk about your own IT experience, answer questions during a Q&A session, or design a specific workshop for one of our programmes, we always love to have people from other companies joining our sessions.

Project Week

The final chapter of our journey to become Junior Software Developers is working on individual projects. Six weeks of their time is dedicated to coding whatever a fictional Product Owner wishes for, while being guided by somebody taking on the responsibility of a Scrum Master. That is where you step in - slip into the role of the Product Owner or Scrum Master and create the most realistic learning environment possible.

Interview training

Practice makes perfect - that's why we also provide our participants with job interview trainings. This way they are prepared for what might come, are less nervous, and can make the most of the opportunity. Nonetheless we are not the ones who are hiring them. That's why we invite potential employers to join the training and have mock interviews with our participants. This way you might also meet potential new employees.

Graduation ceremony host

Becoming a fully trained Software Developer or UX Designer is definitely a success worth celebrating. So why not celebrate with us and host a graduation ceremony at your premises? Being part of their success story means being successful yourself.


Be our guest - we host a networking event and bring together companies with potential employees.

Mentoring programme

Learn from the best - this is the reason why we started the mentoring programme in the first place. So newbies in IT can find guidance by being in contact with people within the field.

Company tour

If you are not able to join us, we can come to visit you instead and get an insight into your work and learn more about your company, while you give us a showcase of the permises and answer some of our participant's questions.

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What others say about us

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Krisztina Horvath-Schwarcz

Java Software Engineer @ viesure

"As an alumni I find it important to stay active in this community so I can help the next generation of coders to navigate on their road. With everyone codes I regularly have the opportunity to speak on various prestigious events to encourage women to enter the world of IT, for this topic has high priority for them as well. Top values, top mentors, top connections to make."

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woman with shoulder-long black hair and a beige shirt, smiling towards 
the camera.

Daniel Haumer

Product Owner @ APA-Tech

"The best part of the project phase were all these lovely and kind people that I have met. No matter if somebody was a mentor or participant it was always fun to talk to each other and work together.
I have also learned a lot during this 6 weeks and I will always keep in mind how impressive the team spirit was. Everyone codes is providing an awesome space where everybody is benefiting from a great experience and it was an honor to be part be of it."

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long black hair, a beard and a red shirt, smiling towards the camera.

Noemi-Lenke Bagameri

Scrum Master @ UNIQUA

"I loved being part of something that benefited literally every person involved.
The mentors, the mentees as well as the organizers all learned from each other.
The motivation and drive of the students were just an extra incentive for the mentors to do better, to create challenges and make it more fun and interesting for them. I am very grateful to everyone codes for creating this opportunity and for inviting me to participate as an Agile coach in it.
Looking forward to the next such occasion!"

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Work with us

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