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What we do

We teach the latest concepts and a progressive mindset with modern tools and personal coachings - not boring textbook assignments or impersonal lectures.
Our main programmes are full-time and last from 5 to 11 months, divided into several interesting learning modules with some weeks dedicated to improving soft-skills and "learning how to learn".
Participants in our software courses mainly use Java to learn and apply the basics of programming, while also increasing their job opportunities in Austria and preparing them to start working right away.
In our longer and more advanced programmes, our participants also learn a lot about backend frameworks like Spring and how to apply the SCRUM methodology to work in teams on their own final projects.
We also have programme dedicated to learning UX design and designing prototypes in Figma.
All of our graduates have a valid work permit for Austria and speak German and English on a B2-Level.

Here are some of the many companies that hired everyone codes' graduates and alumni:

Events & Collaborations

everyone codes + Microsoft

Mentoring Programme (Kick-Off)

everyone codes + Cloudflight

Coding Contest

everyone codes + AMS Wien

"IT, ist das was für mich" Course

everyone codes + AMS Wien

"Java Advanced" Course (Final Project Presentations)

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